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What is zkcloud?

zkcloud is a cloud-based service that allows you to create zero knowledge proofs on the cloud. You can create a proof on the cloud by selecting the protocol that suits your purpose from multiple protocols. A high-performance server helps you to create zero knowledge proofs quickly. You can make payments via Ethereum, zkSync and Lightning network.

Zero knowledge proof is a way for a prover to convince a verifier that a statement about certain confidential information is correct without revealing the information itself.

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First Try

Let's try programming using the circom language. Prove that you know which two numbers multiply to get 77. Enter these numbers, “a” and “b”, in the form below.


circom tutorial




  • Compile the circuit

  • Generete verification key

  • Calculate the witness

  • Proof generated successfully

3 Protocols

You can choose your favorite protocol from Groth16, PLONK, ZK-STARKs according to your needs. Each protocol has its own characteristics. The size of the proof you created is different, the time it takes to create the proof is also different, and whether you need to set it up in advance.

ZK-STARKs is ready. Please read the library documentation for more.



zkcloud is a brand of zero knowledge proof that’s becoming increasingly important in the blockchain industry.


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Completed Q3 2021

Circom Playground

We are launching the zkcloud application. Rich documentation, scalability, and robust systems support cloud systems. It supports Metamask login and allows payment by ethereum, zksynk and lightning network. We have circom Playground where user can write circom codes.

Completed Q3 2021

ZK-Plonk API

Enables the use of the zkcloud application api. You can use the API while ensuring security with the api token. So you can easily use the functions of the zkcloud application from your own program.

Completed Q1 2022

ZK-STARK Library

zk stark does not require setup, but the size of the proof will increase accordingly. Shows much higher scalability. Please read the library documentation for more.

Upcoming Q1 2023


ZK-Rollups is one of the options being developed for Layer 2 construction to improve scalability through mass transfer processing rolled into a single transaction.

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